New Service Request

Welcome to the Southwent Sandhills WSC Community! If you need any assistance dealing with your water service needs please give us a call. Print and fill out the documents needed to apply for service and the Originals will be filed in membership folders in our office. We look forward to serving you and your water based needs!


For New Service (Residential Only) - Fill out the Service Application Form and bring it to the office including your drivers license for verification. If you have a copy of the deed stating your ownership of the house or property please bring that in as well and other paperwork will be filled out at the office. See below for the Service Application Form or go to the tab "Forms & Reports" where you can also access the form.


For Transfer Service (Residential Only) - The person who is tranferring the service needs to fill out a Transferor Form and the person receiving the transfer of service needs to fill out a Transferee Form and pay a minimum fee. Both forms need to be filled out and brought to the office with the fee from the Transferee included for service to be completed and other paperwork will be filled out at the office. Go to the tab "Forms & Reports" for access to both Transferor and Transferee Forms which will need to be natorized at signing.